Visual Communications

Deliver engaging visual content through digital displays to your customers or workforce,
for a creative and instant way of sharing information.

32″ Interactive Table

Designed with simplicity in mind, this table provides classrooms with a range of interactive collaboration opportunities, ideally suited to the early years foundation stage.


Brainstorming, reviewing, video conferencing or collaborating; whatever the objectives of your meeting, the InfinityBoard is the modular solution to create your ideal meeting space.


Wireless presentations solutions allowing users to share content from laptops/mobile devices, on the same display, simultaneously.


Present impactful advertising, entertainment and information with reliable display solutions, achieving the lowest operational investment.


High quality 24/7 Videowall series, allowing for the creation of extremely large screen areas. Fully customisable with advanced features.


Stunningly clear 24/7 playback. A secure embedded USB plays your audio/visual/images around the clock.

Q-Series Embedded

High brightness displays with tiling and connectivity options for multi-screen displays.


Reliable display solutions with small bezel styling to perfectly complement modern surroundings.

P-Series Embedded

Works day and night to promote your organisation helps to convey your messages around the clock.

E-Series (NEC)

Operating standalone via an integrated Media Player, signage starts automatically with the embedded auto-start function.


24/7 playback of your content, without the need for an external media player. Connectivity options for multiscreen displays.

E-Series Embedded

Embedded signage allows software partners to embed their own solutions directly within the Toshiba displays.


These models are robustly built to run 16 hours and beyond, seven days a week.
Offering superior picture quality in a variety of sizes.