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Innovative services to help your business!

What we do

We keep things simple and honest, while providing contracts for the equipment and services our clients need ensuring they only pay for the equipment and impressions that they use / produce

Print / MFD / Scanning

Providing laser & inkjet devices ranging from A4 - SRA3+
Mono, Colour & Reusable Print


Digital Document Management
AV (projectors - digital signage)
CRM (consulting - training)
IT Services (support - consultancy)

No Hidden Fees

Pricing is designed with you in mind with no installation costs and a full breakdown of all fees

Full Support

Any issues? Need more printers? Anything we can help with?
We are only an email or call away from saving you time and money

Installation and Setup

With Toshiba trained technicians delivering and installing your new MFD, nothing could be easier!

Friendly Service

We believe a friendly and understanding service is the best way to make our customers happy

Why Lease...

The leasing advantage

In a competitive world, your business needs the financial flexibility to seize opportunities when they arise. With leasing, you have access to the latest equipment without tying up cash or lines of credit. Add to that the convenience of a one-stop shop and easy payments, and you have a highly attractive value proposition.

Conservation of capital budget

Since your money isn’t tied up in equipment costs, your business is free to spend it on other items such as supplies, personnel and training.

100% financing

‘Soft’ costs such as service, software and training can also be included in the monthly payment.

Purchase or renewal options

At the end of the term, you can upgrade to new equipment or continue renting with substantial savings.

Fixed payments

By locking in payments now, your business can avoid inflation risk in the future. Fixed monthly payments also help your customer better budget throughout the term of the agreement.

Keep up with technology

Add-ons and upgrades ensure your business will always have state-of-the-art equipment and systems. Equipment can also be replaced with the latest technology at any time during the contract term.

What if I am stuck in a contract?

If you are already in a contract give us a call - we will be able to help!